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The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is located in the South Western part of South America, between Argentina and Brazil, with over 650 Km (400 miles) of coasts on the Atlantic Ocean and the River Plate.

  • CAPITAL CITY: Montevideo
  • POPULATION: 3,395 million (2012) World Bank
  • CURRENCY: Uruguayan Peso

Uruguay, as a little country within the South American context, has gone unnoticed for many in the past, but its secret attraction has been rapidly revealed in the last decades.

Its qualities had attracted the attention of people from all around the world who seek a highly valuable and rare asset: a good quality of life. This characteristic is based on the social peace that rules de country, its economic stability, the safety of its cities, towns and countryside, as well as its wide range of natural beauties (some unexplored, others in full expansion), protected by a historical respect for the preservation of the environment.

This is what makes investments in real estate very attractive for large-scale real estate developers, as well as for individuals who are willing to invest in an emerging and stable environment that offers a great profitability future. [+]



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